Bitcoin Tools

Explore what Bitcoin can do for you through our free tools

Bitcoin Cash Faucet

Try Bitcoin Cash for free through our faucet which sends a small amount to you.

Bitcoin Cash Gifts

Create printable or digital Bitcoin Cash gifts and get notified when they’re redeemed.

Bitcoin Cash Map

Wherever you are, find nearby businesses that let you pay in-store with Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash Notary

Timestamp documents like contracts on the blockchain to permanently verify them.

Bitcoin Widgets

Display current Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin prices, news, and more on your website.

Block Explorer

View transactions, addresses, and more on the Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin blockchains.


Buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies easily.

Cash Address Converter

Quickly convert a Bitcoin Cash address into either the new CashAddr or Legacy format.

Developer SDK

Build apps on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain with support from our developer tools.


Securely buy, sell, and build your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Local Bitcoin Cash

Buy and sell Bitcoin Cash anonymously with others through over-the-counter trading.


Track real-time market trends like price, market cap, and more for hundreds of coins.

Paper Wallet

Print your Bitcoin onto a paper wallet to give it to friends and family, or to store it offline.


Sell Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash easily.

SLP Dividend Calculator

Build a transaction to send dividend payments to SLP token holders.

Verify Signed Message

Verify a message signed by a bitcoin private key.
Get the latest Bitcoin news in your inbox.

Get the latest Bitcoin news in your inbox.